What we do

JAKPAK Wrapping Machinery originated in June of 2015 after becoming a subsidiary of its parent company Aaron Packaging Machinery. The reason as to why JAKPAK broke off from Aaron was to target new markets and up and coming industries where we believe there is massive potential for a new shrink wrap machinery company. JAKPAK’s main objectives are to work with and alongside our customers to ensure the most efficient process when purchasing, servicing and leasing machinery. We also offer expert guidance with all our machinery and we are on hand to offer assistance with any shrink wrap operation that our customers may want to enhance, upgrade or make cost affective. We are always on hand to streamline your packaging predicament.

With over 50+ machines in stock and ready to go JAKPAK is the UK’s biggest stockiest of used and refurbished shrink wrap machinery. We also offer custom machinery for certain clientele which we can’t meet the needs off as well as a full range of new machinery courtesy of ADPAK Machinery Systems.

Welcome to the future of used and refurbished shrink wrap machinery solutions. View “Machinery” to see what we have in stock. We also have much more available, get it touch.