Dibipack 3246

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Description Perfect for small start up businesses, the Dibipack 3246 allows for efficient wrapping while being extremely compact if the environment is tight for space. Computerized panel holds 6 separate programs for switching between products that may require a change of film etc. Products are manually placed into the chamber area, the lid is them placed down onto locking magnets which hold in place while sealing and shrinking down the excess film. Leaving your product with a professional finish.  Serviced and cleaned by JAKPAK. free with a 6 month guarantee and service pack.


  • Sealing Jaw: 350mm X 450mm
  • Max Height: 250mm
  • Locking magnets
  • Free Standing
  • Film slitter to divide centre folded films
  • PVC only
  • Touch control panel
  • Power Supply: 240Volts Single phase.