ADPAK B700 Automatic Inline

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The ADPAK B700 allows for state of the art wrapping and shrinking, fitted with a fully automated infeed and outfeed conveyor system. Products can be simply feed onto the infeed conveyor and the machine does the rest sealing and transferring to the shrink tunnel. The system also has a mounted ram for any stacked products, this can be removed if stacked products are not to be packed. Extremely impressive machine, fitted onto a mono-block to allow space saving within warehouses. Comes free with a 6 month warranty and spares kit. Fully refurbished.


  • Maximum pack size: 750mm Wide X 400mm Height
  • Approx 8-15 packs per minute (dependent on product)
  • Metal Mesh bed
  • Chain driven belt
  • Conveyor Speed Variable
  • PLC operated
  • Power assist film unwinders
  • Full security E-Stop system
  • Tunnel Heat Adjustment
  • After-pack Cooler
  • Power Supply: 415Volts Three phase