ADPAK LS400 With PVE Tunnel


The ADPAK LS400 L-Sealer and PVE400 Shrink Tunnel is one of the most reliable and cost affective “small” production lines perfect for start up or low packaging companies. Extremely easy to use the sealer creates a full bag around your product. When transferred into the shrink tunnel this shrinks down any excess film tightly around the product, to leave it with the perfect presentational pack. The PVC version of the shrink tunnel allows for shrinking down high micron polyolefin shrink film or any PVC film. Line comes fully refurbished with a 12 month warrantee and spares kit.


  • Sealer Dimensions: 450mm Length X 400mm Wide
  • Tunnel Dimensions: 400mm Wide X 290mm Height
  • Overall Dimensions: 900mm Wide X 500mm Length X 300mm Height
  • Dimmer Switch for thicker or thinner sealer of film
  • Teflon Blinds to reduce smoke
  • Film slitter to divide centre folded film before sealing
  •  Sealing plate can be adjusted due to different height of products
  • Power Supply of sealer: 240volts single phase
  • Duel switch on tunnel for full power within production and run down timer
  • Belt speed Adjustment
  • Heat adjustment for the belt
  • Heat adjustment for the elements within the tunnel
  • Power supply of tunnel: 415Volts three phase