ADPAK Smipack FP560A


The FP560A Semi-Automatic L-Sealer is a revolutionary high tech sealer. Perfect for thriving hight turn over businesses. The 560A can be switch to automatic mode or semi-auto mode dependent on your output. Fully computerized system allows for easy usage and installation. The sealer has been fully serviced and clean by JAKPAK, comes free with a 6month guarantee and a spares kit.

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  • Sealing Jaw:560 x 430 mm
  • Maximum Pack Height: 230mm
  • Machine Size: 2010 x 790 mm
  • Capable of 1500 packs per hour
  • Capable of sealing PVC, polyethylene and Polyolefin films up to 50 Micron
  • Automatic film off cut winder
  • PTFE coated sealing blades
  • Alphanumeric LCD control panel provided with a 16-bit microprocessor card and solid state relays
  • Perforation wheel on film holder to pierce film before shrinking
  • Automatic take of bed for improved pack rate
  • Power Supply: 240volts (single phase)