Kalfass L-Sealer and Tunnel (Monoblock)

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The Kalfass Sealer and Tunnel Mono-block system is an extremely simple and space saving unit. With the L-Sealer and the tunnel conjoined this allows the machinery to operate within small to large warehousing. The semi-automatic process means that the user only have to place the product within the sealing area and press the “Go” button. This then seals the product an automatically transfers it to the shrink tunnel to reduce any access film leaving the product with packs of presentation quality.


  • Sealing Jaw: 500mm (W) X 500mm (L)
  • Heat Tunnel: 500mm (W) X 350mm (H)
  • Film slitter to divide centre folded film
  • Automatic take off pad
  • Double film holder and film perforation wheel
  • Adjustable temperature for seal head
  • Ajustable temperature for heat tunnel
  • Power Supply: 415Volts (Three Phase)