YPS Rochman SMAF 4020


The SMAF 4020 is aFully Automatic, high speed trim sealer which allows for extreme efficiency within a shrink wrapping end of line operation, the line is also equip with a dual motored heat tunnel which decreases time taken to wrap and shrink products. Sources suggest that the sealer can wrap up to 60 products per minute (dependent on size). Products can be manually or automatically inserted onto the in feed conveyor of the sealer, these products are then sealed and trimmed before entering the heat tunnel where any execs film is shrunk down leaving products with a professional finish.


  • Sealer Width: 400mm
  • Sealer Max Pack Height: 150mm
  • Adjustable indeed and sealing sections
  • Equipped with high speed duel motored tunnel
  • Siemens PLC system
  • Automated film winder
  • capable of 40 packs per minute (dependent on product)
  • Power Supply: Three Phase (415 Volts)